Remote Living Blog Post

Remote Living Blog Post

Without a doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly disrupted our lives in countless ways. For many of us, this is our first experience transitioning from our accustomed lifestyles to remote living. You can no longer work at your favorite coffee spot, hang out with your 'work-wife' or 'work-husband' during breaks, or eat your favorite meal from the office cafeteria. These are just a handful of the countless adjustments every one of us had to navigate during the transition. While life changes are inevitable, as humans, we tend to resist disruptions in our routines. Many of us struggled to transition for their reasons, while some enjoyed the experience. To make remote living work for ourselves, we indeed had to make our house and become our home.

Now that you become more comfortable with remote living, perhaps you may have even discovered a few of its perks, such as waking up at 7:55 AM for your 8:00 AM meeting, being able to dress comfortably, or save on commuting expenses. On the other hand, you may also find yourself constantly distracted, experience 'Zoom-fatigue,' or tired of the same scenery.

Here are some ways for you to help you make remote living more enjoyable!

Create a structure for your days:

Before remote living, our house was a place of relaxation, while the office was a separate place where you would work. It's hard to be productive when your comfortable bed is only ten steps away… we've all been there. I'm sure we've all found ourselves spending significantly more time completing tasks we'd usually do in a breeze. The reality is that because we have to live and work at home, many find it difficult to transition between these two mindsets in the same space.

A tip that will help you transition between work & relaxation is to plan the activities you need to complete every day. Perhaps consider purchasing a planner, a small notebook, or even using your calendar on your phone or laptop! You don't need to spend too much time creating your daily schedule - 10 minutes before bed would work. It could be a detailed hourly schedule or a simple checklist of activities you need to complete. Actively thinking about what tasks you need to achieve and writing them down helps put you in a more productive mindset. It is also a rewarding experience to tick off the things you have completed throughout the day and help keep you motivated.

Try out something new!

Before, you may feel like 24 hours in a day is not enough to do everything you set out to do! Time always seems to be running out. Because of remote living, you may have more spare time in the day to start a new hobby or try out that one activity you've always wanted to do but never found yourself to do it.

It may be learning how to do art, cook a new meal, gardening, or mindfulness! These are examples of some accessible home activities which could also make your days more enjoyable. Instead of experiencing the joy of discovering a new coffee place, restaurant, or hangout spot, you could spend time cultivating new skills and activities that you probably would have never thought of before!

Reward yourself!

Although many of us have become used to remote living, this lifestyle is not for everybody at the end of the day. It is only understandable as we've spent most of our lives out-and-about, interacting, and building relationships with other people. Remote living can be overwhelming at times, so plan out activities that you enjoy! Although we spend significantly more time at home, remote living doesn't mean you have to lock yourself inside 24/7. Take a short drive around the city, order pickup from your favorite brunch spot, or invite your close friends over for dinner!

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Remote living may not be your lifestyle of choice … but now that it has become the 'new' reality, for the time being, why not make it enjoyable and productive? Try out these tips and tricks to help elevate your remote living experience!