Less is More

Less is More

One of the trendiest quotes on Reddit, the so-called front page of the Internet, goes like this:

“Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy stuff we don’t need, and the things you own end up owning you.”

Yes, you are absolutely right; the catchy quote is from the Fight club novel (known mostly thanks to the David Fincher’s 1999 movie adaptation). It’s in line with what people with the “less is more” mindset stand for. But is it just about buying fewer things like cars, clothes, gadgets, and whatnot? What the less is more lifestyle is actually about? Let us break it down for you.

The core idea, which gave the name to a whole fairly new movement (often referred to as minimalism), can, actually, be applied to almost every aspect of our lives.

We live in a culture of excess. Every day we see ads telling us that we need more. We need the newest phone or a car even though we bought the previous “new” version of it just last year. Sure we would like a new pair of jeans, shoes, and one good online course. But were we to multiply all these by 10, would we get more joy? Probably not. It would probably be just more mess.
We think that having more things will make us more successful, happy, and fulfilled, but, in reality, we need less. The thing is that the less we have, the more we start to have: more family quality time, experiences and memories!
Our possessions should be things that we like, use and that bring values into our lives. This set of things will be different for everyone and you should make your own conscious choices.

2. Wardrobe (and makeup)
Yes, it is what you have thought – the idea of a capsule wardrobe. The capsule wardrobe is a careful choice of your favorite clothes, with a lot of classical pieces that are easy to combine. Overall, it is cheaper, simpler and more practical option comparing to a closet full of stuff you hardly ever wear. When it comes to make-up, keeping a makeup routine simple makes life easier, it emphasizes natural beauty, too. No, you don’t have to stop taking care of your skin or brightening up your looks with a lipstick or a fancy eye-liner. Just remember when next time you are shopping try not to get yet another lipstick.

3. What we eat
Unfortunately, most of the stuff that can be found in the supermarkets is not really a food. Food is supposed to provide energy, nourishment and make us healthier. You got it, Doritos, Oreos and such don’t qualify as food. Real food has a handful of ingredients and it’s simple and nourishing. Stripping your food from unnecessary stuff will only make your life better. By eating less junk and candy, we get to be more healthy.

4. Reading slowly
People love to brag about how many books they have read. It almost turned into a competition. We are obsessed with skimming, glancing, only scratching the surface. But when we read slowly, carefully, when we highlight, think about what we’ve read, when we try the ideas from the books ourselves, that’s when the books have the biggest potential to transform us. So don’t rush when you’ll be reading the soon-to-be-printed book Synergy: The Key To Success by Philippe Rebillard.

5. Writing concise
It takes a lot of effort to go from a hot mess slammed onto a page to something that is thoughtful, concise and valuable. It takes a lot of experience to be able to say more with less. But it’s worth practicing. After all, no one is going to skip your post because it’s too short.

6. Work
How often have you heard this one phrase “well, you should work harder”? Well, working harder isn’t always the solution. We can always try to squeeze in more working hours in the day (unfortunately, at the cost of social life, peace of mind, physical, mental and spiritual health), but isn’t it better to try out a different approach? Work smarter, not harder!
By the way, this is what we are standing for here at Switplanet. We believe that working effectively is more efficient than working more hours.

So, in the end, Less IS actually More! Now you see it for yourself. Owning more doesn’t mean more happiness. It is a very powerful idea that transforms your mind and life. It looks different for every person; some people are casual while others go to extremes. Just remember that there is nothing wrong with having or buying stuff, just don’t let it get in the way of what is most important in life. We don’t have to be ideal, just a little bit better.
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